Public Problems

These are the key issues that are faced in Zimbabwe and are addressed by the think tanks profiled on this website.


  1. High Levels of Unemployment
  2. Hyperinflation
  3. International isolation (sanctions)
  4. Weak or no economic growth as measured by GDP
  5. De-industrialization/closure of companies
  6. Limited Utilization of factory capacity
  7. Collapse of infrastructure
  8. High prices of goods
  9. Cash shortages
  10. Weak demands over goods
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  1. Contestations over land reform and disagreements over compensation model
  2. Land Reform induced decline/collapse of agricultural performance (2000-2008)
  3. Food crises/increase in number of food insecure households
  4. Shrinking of land under irrigation
  5. Shortage of productive inputs
  6. Climate change induced challenges


  1. Shortage or unavailability of essential drugs
  2. Shortage of machines to carry out basic procedures
  3. Skills Migration (Doctors and Nurses)
  4. Poor remuneration for Doctor and Nurses


  1. Weak or no supply of low priced housing stock
  2. Increasing number of families on housing waiting lists
  3. Weak financing mechanisms to support supply of housing especially for BOP based households
  4. Increasing prices of stands
  5. Increasing number of people living in informal settlements


  1. Growth in population not matched by increase in education infrastructure
  2. High levels of teacher absenteeism
  3. Skills Migration of highly qualified professionals
  4. Poor remuneration of teachers
  5. Shortage of textbooks
  6. Increasing numbers of school drop outs

Politics & Governance

  1. Polarization & High levels of intolerance of dissenting views
  2. Weak or no respect for rule of law
  3. Failure to manage succession within political parties
  4. Abuse of electoral processes
  5. Election based/related violence
  6. Increase in the number of citizen-based protests on government actions