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Your gift will contribute to our efforts in the advancement of a more inclusive society. We will be able to offer our online introductory training course on civic engagement to twenty citizens to enhance their capacity to engage and participate in the public space or processes.


Your gift will assist five-up founders gain free access to our six-module online training course “Introduction to principles of entrepreneurship”. This course will teach start-up founders in Africa, the basics of being an entrepreneur including resource mobilization, opportunity identification and value creation.


Your gift will go a long way in supporting our work in the centre for philanthropy and communities. The funds will assist 5 people wishing to start a philanthropy organisation by taking our online course for the school of sustainable civil society organisations. In turn, it will help foster the practice of philanthropy in the African continent.


Your gift will offer a young entrepreneur with basic training of running a sustainable social enterprise through an intensive ten-day training program. The entities established in our training programs are not just for making money, but they are designed to solve Africa’s most pressing social problems.

Your generous gift will enable SIVIO Institute to expand its work on the African continent in our ‘quest for an inclusive society’. Your gift will fund the promotion of citizen engagement, it will create seed funding the small enterprises and promote initiatives to understand community philanthropy and community associations.

Your generous gift will enhance SIVIO Institute’s annual fund and help us promote sustainability internally. It will help us get the best team on the ground which will enable us to ask the right questions for Africa’s inclusive society.

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