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Drawing up a contract

Draw up contracts for everyone that includes their job description and their remuneration.

Options around Remuneration for Volunteers

While volunteers may not draw a salary, the foundation/association/organisation may offer some monetary benefit to their volunteers, such as stipends or reimbursement for out of pocket expenses (e.g. transport, etc). One can also consider non-financial benefits such as the following:

Flexible Work Options

The world is changing, but many employers are failing to keep up with the rate of change. Today, a combination of sophisticated technologies and widespread desire for work/life balance is fuelling the flexible work trend. Under flexible work arrangements, employees can work from home a few days a week, change their shifts to meet their needs, or otherwise have more control over their working conditions.

Professional Development Plans

Employee incentivization is closely linked to professional development. Workers want to feel they have a sense of purpose within an organization. They want a clear career roadmap in front of them, including promotions, training opportunities, and other ways to advance professionally. Giving employees more responsibility and helping them learn new skills that will benefit them going forward is a way to improve job satisfaction and staff retention, and it may even help lower absenteeism rates.

Small Gifts and Rewards

Sometimes, the smallest things mean the most. Employers do not have to spend big in order to show employees how much they mean. Small perks like free fruit or a muffin basket, or Friday afternoon drinks; small things that will not harm the organisations balance sheet too much. These perks will, however, demonstrate to your employees that you value them and are putting in effort to make them happy.


For some employers, “thanks” is the hardest word of all to say. It’s common for employees to go above and beyond their job descriptions, yet they rarely receive recognition for these extraordinary efforts. Saying thank you costs nothing, but it can be a major motivator.

Birthday Off as Holiday

Nobody likes to work on their birthday. Offering your employees, the day off to relax and celebrate with their loved ones is an easy way to show your thanks for their work and support their work/life balance. One extra day off every year is a small sacrifice for your business that will make a huge difference to employee morale. Happier employees are more likely to stay on board.

The above non-financial incentives can also be provided to paid employees as well.